Who can book the Texas Public Safety Cruise?

Anyone in public safety (not just in Texas), including friends and family. The more cabins we book, the more perks we get!

I am not from Texas but I work in public safety, can I come?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone in the public safety industry to join us!

Can I bring kids on the Texas Public Safety Cruise?

Yes! This is your vacation, you can spend it with whoever you like! Carnival has great kids programs.

Can I come by myself?

You absolutely can, however beware that Carnival pricing is based on double occupancy. If you do not have a cabin mate, you will likely still pay the price for 2. Contact Tina Chaffin if you are looking for a cabin mate.

What group events are planned?

We will do a meet up before we set sail, each cabin will receive a 9-1-1 Goodie Bag. Some ideas are a Slot Pull, 9-1-1 Door Decorating, dining together, meeting for Sea Day Brunch, and some group excursions may be available.

Why should I book with iCruise and not Carnival directly?

iCruise is able to give us cruise credit back for each cabin booked. After the cruise, we hold a drawing and depending on the number of credits, someone (booked with our group) will get some cash back. We received enough cash back from the 2017 cruise that 4 people will receive $300. It is a random drawing of those who were on the cruise. 

Do I need a passport?

No, cruises which leave the US and come back to the US do not require a passport. However, you do need the certified copy of your birth certificate. The lines to get on and off the ship tend to be somewhat longer with a birth certificate.

Do I have to attend the group events?

Absolutely not, this is YOUR vacation and you can spend it however you like! We hope to see you at some of the events but totally understand if you take time out for yourself!

Where can I get more information about cruising in general?

Carnival will have a lot of information on their webpage. Another great site is Cruise Critic. It has forums for every topic you can imagine.

Does this cruise have any sponsors?

Not currently, if we can grow it large enough we would love to have sponsors, and maybe offer some training. We do create a goodie bag for each cabin, if you have some 9-1-1 “swag” you would like included, contact Tina Chaffin